Are You A VIP?

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Las Vegas! Can be enough said. It is the entertainment mecca of the world. If you go there you know beforehand that a good time will be had. Step into the world of Casino Las Vegas and you step into a unique world that has been designed just for you. You will want to become a member of the VIP Club Casino Las Vegas. Here you will be treated as a member of an exclusive group of people that will have first class access to all that Las Vegas has to offer. You will know that you have arrived just by the feeling you will get as soon as you enter. Casino personnel will greet you and once they hear your name you will feel special because you are recognized as a really important member of the Inner Circle!

The very best restaurants await you with open arms. Their menu entries will speak out to you and any item will be crafted just for you. The warm setting will only bring an ambiance reserved the "special few". The best hotels will be bidding for your visit. You will have access to the best service that you will come to expect. You are one of the chosen. The legendary gaming rooms will accommodate you with warmth that you can now expect. Your eyes will feast on tables and machines that are there maybe just for you. The jackpots will be waiting closer, just for you to win!

Oh Yes Mr. VIP all this awaits you. You will plan your next trip back as you bask in the desert sun by the hotel pool. The cool water will feel good on your body and refresh you and will be available to you as you allow yourself to receive what you deserve. Refreshments are served to you by a genuinely cheerful attendant who can offer you food and libations.

Come Mr. VIP let us entertain you, let us offer you wonderful shows with top tier performers in lavish costumes in surroundings that have been designed to match their talents. Get a massage, have a manicure, feel the whole experience of Las Vegas hospitality. It is the "whole package" designed for only the most discriminating guest. Oh and one last thing, become familiar with the whole staff so when your services are delivered to you, they will be brought by someone who gives you that special VIP treatment. Come, Las Vegas is expecting you!

Celebrity poker tournaments: The future of poker tournaments

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Considering the love of celebrities to poker, there is a big question mark over whether the poker tournaments will be held among celebrities in the future. These days a lot of celebrities are trying their hand on poker, whether it be basketball players, tennis players, Hollywood stars or established politicians almost all are playing poker and are planning to make a career in poker after retiring from their current profession.

If this happens, then the professional poker players will definitely get a run for their money as the celebrities attract more attention of general public than the ordinary and professional poker players. Whether or not such a tournament is in the line, it will definitely create a buzz if all the casinos in Las Vegas have celebrity poker tournaments telecast on television.

Budgeting properly for multi-card Bingo

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Now that online Bingo has taken hold online at various Bingo sites and casino sites, it is much easier to play multi-card games. Unlike in brick and mortar bingo halls, where a good memory comes in handy in order to remember the numbers and using your dauber quickly to mark each number off each individual card, in online bingo, an auto-dauber application marks off each number on each one of your cards once the number is drawn.
However, playing multi-card Bingo can still be an expensive proposition. Similar to brick and mortar bingo halls, each card much be purchased separately for each game, so it’s important for bingo players to establish budget guidelines before getting started.
A good sound strategy to practice when playing multiple-card online bingo is to set an established figure for the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for each card. Once finding out the price per card per game, you can then establish how many cards you are willing to play per game.
In today’s economic climate, it becomes even more incumbent for each player to adhere to their budget and not waver from it, especially if no winning cards have been achieved early in your session. The problems for players generally arise when they panic after not winning a few games and then increase their card amount to try to make up the difference. By faithfully sticking to a budget and learning to walk away once the budget has been reached, Bingo can be enjoyed in a much more positive way.

Ramping bets in casino blackjack

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As a card counter then one of your primary objectives is not to get caught counting. One of the biggest hurdles involves getting enough money across the table so as not to get noticed. You have several problems in this area and the first one involves getting the money on unnoticed in the first place and the second one involves hiding longer term wins. This is an even more substantial problem because if you play for considerable stakes then the casino del rio is going to clock your buy in amounts and also your cash outs.

So if you are showing consistent wins over a long period of time then irrespective what cover you have in the pit area then you are still going to have a problem with your bottom line. That will be for a later article but here I want to discuss ramping bets in blackjack. Let us say that the table minimum is $5 and the table maximum is $500 then you are going to have an immediate problem going from table minimums on negative counts to bets approaching the maximum. That is a spread of 100-1 and is sure to attract heat and attention that you simply do not want.

So the key is to get your money on in stages that make it appear as if you are merely gambling. Instead of starting with the table minimum $5 then you could start with say $20. This loses a little more money during the slightly negative part of the shoe but here is where it gets rather sneaky. If the count gets even further negative then you could leave the table and go and do something else. This avoids you having to play several hands in negative shoes because many blackjack shoes never become positive for the player.

The danger in leaving the table is that you may lose your seat but not having a permanent seat at a blackjack table can be used to your advantage. It means that you are not tied to the table and can drift far more easily. But getting from $20 to $320 could be done easily as a winning bet could be let ride to $40. This is a simple doubling of the bet and looks like a gamble. With the right act and spiel then you wouldn’t have a problem. Then if you win or lose you double to $80 then $160 and $320. If you are winning then you are simply doubling up chasing bigger wins and if you are losing those bets then you are simply chasing losses…..either way it looks like you are chasing.

This way you can get from $20 to $320 in four stages with it looking totally like gambling and simple doubling up. To get from $5 to $320 would not only take two stages more but it would also be starting from an amount that was only one quarter of the size and so would definitely attract heat.

Online Casino Real People, Real Fun

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Casinos of all kinds, online and brick and mortar have their own advantages. Some players prefer the real world casinos as it has real people, real fun, real loss and real win. There are many who prefer online free casino as it is discreet, convenient and easy.

Unlike online casinos, real world casinos have real people. Earlier a certain dress code was required to attend real world casino as also obeying of certain social conventions. In the current casinos however there is freedom of clothing and social behavior (within limits). Smoking is not allowed in the casinos except may be on certain tables.

How to Benefit from Celebrity Poker Tips

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Poker is a very popular game and many top celebrities are big fans. You could find out some great stories about the game from favorites stars and also learn more about the game.

Online Blogs
Lots of famous faces have their own websites and blogs these days. As well as talking about their careers and upcoming events many of them also talk about poker experiences. Poker can be a big part of many people’s lives and celebrities are no exception. Poker games are a great way to relax and unwind with friends. They can also provide some very thrilling live action games. Also for all things poker, including news, articles, lessons, demos, reviews and more, just visit Poker Times.

Taking Celebrity Advice
When it comes to poker advice you do need to be sensible. Just because your favorite celebrity has a particular preference for one online poker room or a certain playing style does not mean it will suit you. You also need to consider if they are promoting a poker brand for money. Celebrities make big bucks from endorsements so you need to work out if they have any ulterior motive for mention specific brand names.

When it comes to poker advice the celebrities you should be taking notice of are pro star players. These are some of the most gifted players in the world and will have had long careers in the game. They will have learnt which tactics and techniques work best at the table and have a wealth of experience to share.

Pro Star Players Advice
Many professional players such as Mike A. Caro are just as famous for writing about poker in books and on blogs. You cannot play poker 24/7 but if you have a lot of experience then you can pass some of this on to other people. Some of the top players are celebrities in their own rights and have huge fan bases. Many of their tips and strategies can be surprising simple and so they do not mind sharing them with others.

You can go online to find pro star poker players websites and you can also buy top poker books from online stores. You can also find out some great poker advice from

T.V Shows and Online Growth Boost Poker Popularity

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The growing popularity of large poker tournaments in recent years (most recognized is the World Series of Poker) and specifically the Texas Holdem poker game can be attribute largely due to Online Betting sites which you can fined all over the web these days.

That growth is off course not only in the betting playground, but also in all areas of life, as the internet grows, and more people spend more time in it (only the smart phones revolution responsible for a huge growth itself), but it seems that along with a flood of popular Poker T.V shows and televised tournaments (mostly on ESPN, but also on other networks.), as well as various companies which operates in Facebook and offer poker games to spend their times, the poker world is alive and kicking, and is here to stay.

The pros were always there, but for the armatures, the dream is always to get the pros, come out of nowhere and take the pot (which can contain millions in big tournaments), it these new players and fans which boost the games tremendously in the recent year and they are just keep coming.

Give a Chance To a Different Slots Play

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There are many slot machine games i like when going to the casinos (live and online for that matter..). There is the regular pull that poll types of slots, when i suppose is mostly pure luck, but there are people who know how to spin the winning slots. ( i guess they have a system..), and than there is this coll nice slot game which many people, especially in Europe likes very much. I'm talking off course about the Book of Ra, a cool game with a twist of it's own regarding playing slots.

The game book of ra is bases on ancient letter and symbols within the slot game, as well as action packed feature which enables you to unveil the long lost treasures of the pharaohs. I guess it's a fresh way to play the slot games and not get bored with the same old games over and over gain. I definitely recommend trying it at least couple of times and see for yourself how you can enjoy a slightly different games at the casinos. Poker is a very popular game and many top celebrities are big fans.

The World Is In Jonathan Duhamel Hands..

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This is why it's such a beautiful game!, you can play in Vegas, and win millions!. Check out the WSOP 2010 Final Hand video, where Jonathan Duhamel handles John Racener to take th grand prize.

Titan Bingo close their doors

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If you’re a member of Titan Bingo then you might be in for a bit of a shock next time you go to log in as they have sadly announced that they have had to close down their popular online bingo site and have shut their virtual bingo doors. The site was shut down completely earlier this week, on Tuesday the 2nd November, so if you’ve tried to log on then it will have become clear that you can no longer play there.
If you’re an existing member of the Titan Bingo site and are wondering what will happen to your bingo deposits and winnings, then there is no need to fear as the folks behind the bingo site have posted a help page in lieu of their bingo offering which will tell you what you need to do to recover your money.

There are basically two choices for Titan Bingo customers; you can either choose to withdraw all your money from the site, or you can choose to move it to some of the other Titan gaming sites, including Titan Poker, Titan Bet or Titan Games, if you decide to do this you can just login to any of these sites using your current account details.
It’s a sad state of affairs whenever any bingo site closes down, but it’s an unfortunate effect of both a bad economy here in the UK and also the sheer amount of competition between bingo sites these days.

It’s good news for bingo players really though, as it will give you the opportunity to sign up at a new site, which means welcome bonuses, newbie games and special bingo games galore so why not check out some of the other bingo sites out there? If you need some help deciding then you can take a look at some bingo information sites like Which Bingo UK, which have user reviews and info on the site, the software and of course the games and bonuses on offer!